1. ericx

    net-mgmt/telegraf error is not overly instructive

    I'm trying to upgrade net-mgmt/telegraf. During the compile, it simply outputs a long list of file names and when it finally fails: ...
  2. M

    Solved net-mgmt/telegraf SNMP input - Could not find module named IF-MIB

    Dear community, my net-mgmt/telegraf stopped working since the update to FreeBSD 13.0 when SNMP input is enabled with the following error message: [telegraf] Error running agent: could not initialize input inputs.snmp: initializing table interface: translating: Could not find module named...
  3. M

    Solved net-mgmt/telegraf - go: finding module for package

    Hi all, On one of my 2 FreeBSD servers I'm having an issue I don't seem to be able to resolve on my own - while trying to compile from ports the port net-mgmt/telegraf is giving the following error: $ sudo make install clean ===> License MIT accepted by the user ===> telegraf-1.20.3 depends...