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    I'm a vim guy. I have nothing to say about alternatives such as emacs, nano or ee simply because I've never used them. I started with vim and well over a decade later I'm still using vim. Over the past few years, I've stumbled upon editors/neovim several times. I'd like to inquire some personal...
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    installing neovim

    Hello all... I use to us freebsd for server builds around 20 years ago LOL, yeh I'm an old bugger :) These days I'm using fedora and macos and wanted to to give freebsd another whirl. Anyway using 14-current I figured neovim would be be in packages? pkg install neovim However it appears not...
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    Solved Changing default terminal from xterm to konsole

    I have recently installed FreeBSD 11.1 on my HP laptop. I created a desktop launcher on the Mate desktop for neovim, and set the terminal option to true. When started neovim starts in xterm even though my preferred terminal is konsole. How can I change the default term to konsole? Thanks in...