1. Londo

    IPFW IPFW and natd causing huge packet load

    Hello, First I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has posted other problems and responses over the years - the knowledge base has helped tremendously. I'm here today to ask for pointers regarding IPFW and natd. Some background: I have a very old server that runs a business and is due...
  2. B

    Help Connecting to the Internet through BSD

    For an assignment we have to connect two workstations to the internet through an HP server running BSD. The WS are connected to a switch that runs to eth0( network) and eth1 is connected to the schools internet network. Gateway is enabled, the server is connected to the...
  3. Grzegorz

    Solved List of connected hosts

    Hi, Is there any chance to get the hostnames of connected to FreeBSD WiFi access point interface? I have a natd on wlan0. Is there any dialog application to monitor network traffic? Best regards!
  4. A

    IPFW natd to ipfw nat

    Hello there, I just deployed simple private OpenVPN service by following instructions from: Well, everything seems to be fine ... except I observed that 'natd' process...
  5. G

    IPFW natd high CPU usage, how to fix?

    Hi. I'm very new to FreeBSD, use version 10.1 now. I installed OpenVPN with this tutorial on my server: After that I installed Apache, MySQL, PHP and Wordpress with these...