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    stack alignment & argc location in assembled binaries

    Hi there, For a bit of fun, I'm trying to implement some low-level functionality in FreeBSD and Linux. I had a question regarding some seemingly not-deterministic behavior I came across regarding the initial stack alignment in FreeBSD and, therefore, the location of argc and argv relative to...
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    Other assembly programming with nasm

    Hello, how to compile a simple program (written in assembly) with nasm? SECTION .data msg db 'Hello World!', 0Ah SECTION .text global _start _start: mov edx, 13 mov ecx, msg mov ebx, 1 mov eax, 4 int 80h mov ebx, 0 ...
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    Other GDB tui mode does not work

    Good afternoon! I used the small program for nasm x86 section .data hello: db 'Hello world!',10 ; 'Hello world!' plus a linefeed character helloLen: equ $-hello ; Length of the 'Hello world!' string ; (I'll explain soon) section .text...