1. L

    Solved Block queries to some nameservers

    Having a in-home unbound server for dns queries, I'd like to block queries to other dns nameservers. Take the example of the server. re0 is the network interface that connects to the router, also a FreeBSD box running a dns server. re0 is part of bridge10 as for vnet jails to have access...
  2. selflessscoundrel

    NSD configuration for Authoritative name server

    Ok, so I am having weird issues with NSD. I thought they were firewall issues but my pf rules seem good. To rule out firewall issues, I disabled pf and installed nsd on the main server instead of in any kind of jail. Once I have my config and zone file set, I run service nsd start and when I...
  3. aragats

    Alternative nameserver

    In a standard configuration with /etc/resolv.conf, e.g.:nameserver a.b.c.d nameserver w.x.y.zif the first server a.b.c.d is queried, and it responds, the second one won't be used. What if a.b.c.d is not able to resolve a hostname, but w.x.y.z can? What is the easiest mechanism to jump to the...