1. Sivan!

    Set: not found???

    Named starts on a FreeBSD 13.1 release desktop, apache24 It works! but I have this error: named status /etc/rc.conf: Set: not found /etc/rc.conf: Set: not found named is running as pid xxx. Relevant entries in my /etc/rc.conf syslogd_flags="-ss -vv" sendmail_enable="NONE" ... etc...
  2. F

    DNS Server not working ? FreeBSD 12.1

    Hello! I got stuck with FreeBSD DNS Server setup and I would like to get some help because I had an orview over configurations and everything it's fine. IP address: OVH failover with Firewall enabled with rule for enabling port 53 tcp/udp Software: FreeBSD 12.1 + bind913 What's wrong? My...
  3. fullauto2012

    Solved Bind99 Split Horizon

    root@gateway:/usr/local/etc/namedb # cat named.conf ... // All file and path names are relative to the chroot directory, // if any, and should be fully qualified. directory "/usr/local/etc/namedb/working"; pid-file "/var/run/named/pid"...