mysql 5.7

  1. Sparkee

    Solved FreeBSD running out of memory - MySQL

    My 12.2-RELEASE-p3 server is running out of memory then crashing, most of the memory is used by mysql57-server-5.7.32 The server is using ZFS, any ideas what should I check/change? % sysctl hw.physmem hw.physmem: 137297674240 % sysctl hw.ncpu hw.ncpu: 72 /var/log/messages says things like Jan...
  2. Amzo

    Solved Can't initialize mysql: data directory has files in it

    I have a peculiar problem when trying to run: mysqld_safe --initialize I get the following error in the logfile. 2021-07-11T15:50:05.6NZ mysqld_safe Logging to '/var/db/mysql1/Bahamut.err'. 2021-07-11T15:50:05.6NZ mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/db/mysql1...
  3. J

    Running the same service (apache, mysql) in multiple jails

    I am running a few jails via ezjail. Nginx and pf on the main host take care of routing incoming requests to the appropriate jail. Each jail needs to run different instances of the same service - Apache and MySQL. Please help me get the set up right for doing this^^. As far as I understand...
  4. G

    mysql57-server-5.7.24 for i386 searching

    Hi All, Can anyone provide me the MySQL 5.7.24 server package for i386? On all port storage I can find only x64 versions. 5.7.23 is also accepted. For FreeBSD 11.2. Maybe somebody has it in cache? Please help me.