1. T

    Solved help patching port locally / patch to musicpd fails to apply

    I have written support for DoP (DirectStreamDigital over PCM) in mpd when using OSS as output. Its really hacky but works. Now I want to integrate this (locally) into the port for mpd. - I have created a patch file which will be appended, its structure was modified to match another patch...
  2. E

    Solved Routing traffic to jails - PF restart required after reboot

    I'm running ngircd and musicpd, each inside its own jail, on FreeBSD 11.1, and have configured PF so that the jails have internet access and I can connect to both of them. The problem is that if the machine is rebooted, I have to ssh into it and reload pf before I can connect to the irc server...
  3. Greg Fitzgerald

    musicpd skips when I enable a fifo

    When I enable a output fifo in musicpd, wether something is reading from it or not musicpd skips every few seconds. This does not happen on my Linux box's. Its one of the things that always annoys me back to Linux as much as I want to stay on FreeBSD. Soon as I disable the fifo output and...
  4. dave

    RPI-B Audio Config For musicpd (mpd)

    Hello, I have been trying to get musicpd (mpd) working on a Raspberry Pi Model B. If I set up the null output, I can get it to "play" music using the command line musicpc (mpc). If I use the default audio output config, or if I use no audio output config and let it detect the output, in both...