1. patpro

    bhyve Best way to monitor VMs

    Hello, I'm using munin to monitor 2 FreeBSD bare metal servers. Since I've started to use BHyve on one of them, I'm wondering what would be the best way to monitor the VMs. I'm currently using munin-node on 3 of them but may be there is something more efficient than just install munin-node on...
  2. M

    Munin and log rotation

    Hello, having searched but not found anything about munin and logrotation. Situation as follows: Munin update script is run by crontab @hourly. Logrotation of nginx is done by newsyslog @T00 Right now I lose the loggings from 23 to 00 o'clock because the log rotations takes place before the...
  3. Heretiiik

    Solved Schizophrenic `pw'

    Hi guys, I've tried to install sysutils/munin-node from ports but it failed at user creation stating User munin nonexistant. Create the user and retry. From it's makefile I learned that it cheks if the user exists with pw user show munin, with expected result pw: no such user `munin'. But when I...