1. Lars Skogstad

    Solved unrar multiple .rar files and several folders

    Hi ! I have a lot of folders with lots of packed rar files. - Is there a way to unpack several folders at once ? I've just been currently doing : unrar e *.rar and then check after it unpacks if the files are complete and rm *.r* I want to extract everything in a folder , delete all...
  2. daBee

    FreeBSD Automated Installation/Kernel Module Generation

    Hi folks. Well, having messed with PCs and Raspberry PI 2, considering a Pi Zero, and other potential OS installations, I'd like to inquire about automated Kernel module generations. Essentially, how I can build an environment where an installer can be run (assuming FreeBSD) to install from a...
  3. B

    Multiple network help

    Hello everyone! At my apartment I'm current running a FreeBSD-based router which has two networks on separate interfaces for different devices: Interface 1 with subnet 192.168.200.x for just about everything on the network Interface 2 with subnet 192.168.199.x for Iot stuff, printers, and...
  4. abdelilah

    Solved Multiple network adresses

    Hello, Lacking a proxy on my PF is it possible to do the following: - Assign multiple network addressees on the same subnet to a machine for example and, can it be done without any hassle and how to proceed (multiple separated card, or one with multiple...
  5. N

    Softflowd Multiple Interface problem

    Hi, Recently I installed softflowd and "Manage-Engine Netflow Analyzer 9". SoftFlowd configured with multi interface and run correctly, but it sends only one interface to ManageEngine application. When I run softflowctl -c /var/run/softflowd.IF.ctl statistics it shows the statistics of every...