multiple ip aliases

  1. byrnejb

    arp cannot intuit interface index and type for

    freebsd-version 12.3-RELEASE-p2 netstat -rn Routing tables Internet: Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire default UGS igb0 lo0 UHS lo0 UGS igb0...
  2. lifepillar

    PF Issue with configuration blocking access to jails on ip aliases attached to external interface

    Hi, when I activate PF in my server, I cause connectivity to my jails to be blocked (even when it should not). With PF disabled, everything works. I am likely doing something stupid, but I need other eyes to look at it. My jails are bound to the only active interface igb0: root@host # ifconfig...
  3. D

    Network interface alias used by jail disappears until server restart

    I have a network interface alias which I declared in /etc/rc.conf, as follows: ifconfig_alc0="DHCP" ifconfig_alc0_alias0="inet" ifconfig_alc0_alias1="inet" ifconfig_alc0_alias2="inet" The jail is configured to use (and two other jails...
  4. M

    Adding an alias while using CARP with multiple IP aliases

    I am currently using exactly the same approach with CARP as described in a prior posting to the stable mailing list,!topic/mailing.freebsd.stable/-NiHmBWMulY . I have noticed in my router lab that the MASTER goes into BACKUP mode briefly whenever a new alias...