1. aragats

    Two FreeBSD installations and EFI

    Goofy question: How to add an EFI entry for a second FreeBSD installation? I have two FreeBSD installation on the same disk partitioned this way: 1. EFI 2. FreeBSD 12.1 3. FreeBSD 13.0
  2. G


    Hello to everybody on this forum I am a newbee in FreeBSD, I am using actively OpenSUSE and Windows every day, I have tried back in time PC-BSD. I would like to learn more about FreeBSD, but I would like a multi-boot on existing machine with OpenSUSE and Windows. Do you have some pointers for...
  3. T

    Repairing FreeBSD multiboot w GRUB

    We have a laptop with two SSDs. Originally, there was only one SSD, and it had Ubuntu installed on it. We added a second SSD (500 GB) and installed FreeBSD on 100GB of it. We had a little trouble getting FreeBSD to show up in GRUB, but we finally we got it working by adding some lines to the...
  4. usernamekiran

    How to multi-boot with Windows 10, and Linux Mint 18?

    Hello. Recently I got a new laptop (Alienware 13 R2). It has UEFI. I also have a non UEFI desktop, and laptop. On the the desktop, I have XP, FreeBSD 8.1, and Linux Mint 7 (XFCE); and on laptop I have Windows 7, Mint 7, and FreeBSD 11.1. On both of these computers, in Linux Mint I have edited...
  5. H

    GNU/Linux (ada0) + FreeBSD 10.3 (ada1): How adding a further FreeBSD on ada1

    Hello, on my Desktop System I've two ssd with following partitions: ada0 GPT ada0p1 (MX-Linux) ada0p2 (further Linux stuff) ... ada0p128 (bios_grub partition) With an entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom I can start my FreeBSD 10.3 on ada1 without any trouble. ada1 GPT ada1p1 (freebsd-boot) ada1p2...