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    Laptop dual monitor/gpu intel/nvidia - LVDS black screen with mouse

    Hello All, I passed like one week searching to solve my problem of black screen on internal monitor on my laptop, under xfce 4.16/lightdm. the external monitor on DP work fine connected to the nvidia 1660 Ti card, the internal display no chance. I'm on FreeBSD 13 stable, I use the...
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    Laptop with Intel integrated + dedicated nVidia GPU

    I own a Lenovo ThinkPad P2000 "mobile workstation" (hexacore Intel Xeon E-2176M, nVidia Quadro P2000 Max-Q GPU, 32-GB ECC RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD). Windows 10 is capable of using both the Intel integrated UHD P630 graphics as well as the dedicated nVidiaQuadro P2000 GPU. Not only can it switch...