1. T

    ZFS ZFS scrub stalling - Windows VM with SQL server misbehaves

    Hi, I am running a FreeBSD 12.0 server with a few VMs. One of them is a Windows Server 2016 which homes a few software and an SQL database. The VMs all have a ZVOL assigned. If I start scrubbing the pool, first the scrubbing is really slow and if running sufficiently long will stall. The...
  2. chacoroot

    Install Microsoft SQL server into FreeBSD

    Hello, am migrating to freebsd, am tring to achieve install mssql server into freebsd, in debian there's a release to install it, but in bsd there'snt, even in the oficial documentation there isnt releases for BSD, investigating i found linuxulator, idk if this is posible, thanks in advance