mozilla public license

  1. sidetone

    Trying to understand compatibility details among: MPL 2.0, Apache 2.0, LGPL and GPL

    Apache 2.0 isn't compatible with GPL2, because of patent and infringement differences. LGPL2 also has mention of these terms, so I don't expect Apache 2.0 to compatible with it either. Apache 2.0 is determined compatible with GPL3. Of note, LGPL3 doesn't have mention of infringement and patents...
  2. sidetone

    Mozilla Public License 2.0 (MPL), About

    Mozilla Public License (MPL) 2.0 is more than about Mozilla created software. The Mozilla Foundation is a steward of its licenses also intended for use in software development by other authors. It's similar to how the Apache Foundation is a strong backer of its current license. Mozilla Public...
  3. Phishfry

    Looking for a BSD licensed DHCP server

    I am interested in using only BSD licensed software for my routers and software switches. Problem is my favorite DHCP server is dns/dnsmasq but it uses a GPL license. ISC DHCP server no longer uses the ISC license, which was compatible with BSD/MIT style license. But the problem is that ISC DHCP...
  4. E

    Mozilla Public License

    Only modifications of code released under the MPL must also be released under the same license, contrary to the GPL which is viral. What do you think of it?