1. I

    BluRay support?

    I'm trying to play a BluRay disk and it looks like I have the necessary libraries as well as that decryption file for accs. I noticed both mpv and vlc don't have libbluray in use. Is this something I'm going to have to compile by hand? I'm on FreeBSD 14.0-p3. VLC: 3.0.18 mpv: 0.37.0
  2. I

    Solved VLC crashes when trying to play DVDs

    I just got a Blu-Ray USB player and FreeBSD detects it just fine. I've made sure it works by mounting it and I can see everything just fine. I'm having an issue where VLC keeps crashing whenever I try to play from DVD. I'm trying to play a DVD on the Blu-Ray, specifically Matrix Reloaded. I...
  3. bushido95

    Ghost in the shell (2017)

    Is anyone else looking forward to The Ghost in the Shell Movie? What are your thoughts on the live action take of the anime series?