mouse frozen

  1. J

    Mousepad/Mouse neither working for FreeBSD KVM, I am using X server and KDE

    My mouse isn't working, I am running a FreeBSD install using KVM, I have xorg, KDE and even tried adding moused_enable="YES", tried to even change mouses but doesn't work, can someone help me out? It's not just left or right click, I can't do anything at all with the mouse
  2. B

    Yet another "mouse doesn't work" problem

    Setup: Raspberry Pi (not 2) model B, FreeBSD 11.0, xorg pkg installed. PS/2 keyboard and mouse connected through TrendNet PS/2-to-USB adapter. Mouse works correctly in console mode. X will not autoconfigure; it can't seem to find video. I created an xorg.conf to tell it to use the scfb...