1. J

    Is FreeBSD for me?

    So, I've been working in devops for a while... and I have a bunch - 20ish of headless Linux boxes to look after - spread around the planet. These exist in a mixed environment - on-premise, off-premise, some are iron and some are virtual, and just don't ask about the time-zones. A friend I...
  2. P

    [FreeNAS] load libiconv.ko with utf-8 into kernel

    I would like to let user besides root to mount a SMB share. It requires filename conversion with UTF-8 encoding. In /boot/loader.conf file, I have added: libiconv_load="YES" And /etc/nsmb.conf file [default] workgroup=WORKGROUP [server] addr= charsets=UTF-8:UTF-8 But mount_smbfs...
  3. M

    SMBv1 Woes - FreeBSD

    Hi all, Long time user of FreeBSD here. I have been happily using the mount_smbfs binary and in my fstab to mount Windows Shares on boot to be used by various network services house on multiple FreeBSD systems. Sadly, it appears these connections all use SMBv1 NT1 security to perform the mount...
  4. dave

    mount_smbfs: kldload(smbfs): No such file or directory

    I am running 10.3-RELEASE on a raspberry pi. When I try to mount an external samba share, I get the error message in the title: mount_smbfs: kldload(smbfs): No such file or directory Anyone know why? Thanks
  5. gentoobob

    mount_smbfs issue

    I'm having issues mounting a domain Windows share. I can mount it just fine on my Mac which uses a similar mount_smbfs as FreeBSD as far as I can tell. I have tried every known option or setting in the command but nothing is working. So below is the details of my Windows share detail. Can...