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  1. David Okwii

    Other Unmount samba share shows "failed: Device busy" error

    I've a samba mount (//DOKWII@MAILHOST03/MAIL 1.5T 569G 1.0T 36% /storage/mailbacks) that I am trying to unmount. I use umount /storage/mailbacks and it says umount: unmount of /storage/mailbacks failed: Device busy Apparently it could be because I've a shell opened at...
  2. D

    Other How do I mount a network folder (CIFS, Samba Windows Share) to a jail for Plex-access to LAN?

    Running FreeNAS 9.10 which is built on FreeBSD 10.3 I added a Plex jail to the system. All is working, which is great. But because Plex is running inside of a jail, it (obviously) cannot access my network. So I was looking for a way to add a persistently mounted network share to my Plex jail...