1. Buck

    Cell modem to receive SMS?

    Is there a known tested hardware/software combo, such as a USB dongle modem for example, that could allow for receiving SMS messages on a FreeBSD machine? I don't care much for the format, it could be a text file dump, but something semi-automatic, without the need to write scripts with AT...
  2. T

    Dialup Modem Connection Problem

    I have an Intel HM18025 V.92 56K Voice / Fax / Data internal Modem. It works perfectly fine with Microsoft Windows. However, my attempt to connect to my Internet Service Provider using BSD's 'ppp' Command fails. Upon entering Terminal Mode 'term' it gives the following message, and then goes...
  3. O

    Howto: Getting a CAPI ISDN modem working with Hylafax

    Afer the general headache of getting ISDN faxing to work with Hylafax on FreeBSD 7.2, I've written this simple howto should make life easier for anyone attempting to do what I have done. A decent amount of the information has been taken from, and in my case I was configuring an AVM...