1. C notebook, 12th gen Intel

    For anyone, who's thinking about buying - I'm documenting my experiences/pains... UEFI boot+install works out of the box w/ 13.1 X11 does not work, unless switching to vesa framebuffer (I'll post later, how I got it running), don't bother installing kmod, because it appears we're SOL with Alder...
  2. M

    Porting to unsupported SoC?

    Hello all, The wiki does not list support for the SoC that interests me. Now, I know I could just go out and buy something with one of the SoCs that IS supported, but I've got this great 10in, 10yo tablet, that, despite its age, has a killer battery (after I rooted...
  3. P

    Mobile device type: FreeBSD?

    Hi all, Apologies in advance for being unsure where best to post. I've recently noticed upon reviewing my home network that my VZW Samsung S7 smg930v appears as type: 'FreeBSD' rather than 'Samsung Galaxy' or 'unknown'. This lead me here. I wonder if this is anything to be concerned about...
  4. vermaden

    Scripted Network Management with

    Hi, As some of You know there is net-mgmt/networkmgr which allows convenient/graphical Wireless and LAN connections switch. What I miss in it is the WWAN connection management, DNS management, optional MAC generation and network shares unmount at disconnect. With my solution you still need to...