1. E

    jails Running minecraft bedrock server in ubuntu jail

    I setup a Ubuntu 22.04 jail using bastille: ` bastille create -L minecraft jammy` Installed libcurl4 and fetched latest minecraft bedrock server. When I try running the server with `./bedrock_server` I get this output: According to socktat, the port is not in use, and changing...
  2. M

    FreeBSD and latest Minecraft Java Edition v1.18 Client?

    Anyone here playing Minecraft on a FreeBSD desktop installation with the latest Minecraft Java Edition v1.18 client? I have just tried to find out what the current status is on this, but the information is not conclusive: The port games/minecraft-client is outdated (v1.7.9_6) and unmaintained...
  3. blind0ne

    Solved Cannot start minecraft-server after compiling

    Hello, I want to start minecraft server from minecraft-server port for some kids. But, Here is the problem, I guess it's something in jdk or jre or something elese in java, the fact is that i can't resolve the problem by myself. Please help if you know how to solve this issue. Error: A JNI...
  4. J

    Minecraft Java client cannot login

    I've compiled & installed games/minecraft-client. Here's the output of launching minecraft-client the first time: jbo@fbsd_beefy01 /u/h/jbo [127]> minecraft-client Bootstrap (v5) Current time is Oct 3, 2021 12:54:10 PM System.getProperty('os.name') == 'Linux' System.getProperty('os.version') ==...
  5. V

    Latest Minecraft on FreeBSD?

    I am wondering if there is some "official unofficial" minecraft setup for FreeBSD (game NOT server)? I've read lots of threads and from my understanding the issue mainly exists in the fact that lwjgl-3 does not exist for FreeBSD but I have seen github repos like this been linked...
  6. Petr Fischer

    minecraft, 11.2 - Failed to locate library: liblwjgl.so

    Hello, I got this error today - micraft client can't start. I installed minecraft via minecraft-client package and yes, I have proper path "/usr/local/share/minecraft-client/minecraft-runtime" in profile. Error: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I blame Dinnerbone. Time: 30.7.18 0:56...