1. D

    Using timidity++ as a daemon

    Greetings fellow Beastie followers, I want to integrate MIDI into the sound system for my desktop environment. The settings allow me to select a MIDI device and I usually used audio/timidity++ as an auto-starting daemon on Linux systems to get this functionality, but I can't figure out how to...
  2. N

    Solved USB MIDI controller not recognized by DAWs

    I'm trying to get my Akai MPK25 USB MIDI controller to work with a DAW such as audio/lmms or audio/ardour. But the controller is not available from within either program using the menus, and I'm not able to connect either DAW to the MIDI controller using audio/qjackctl. I know the hardware is...
  3. palik

    portmidi port

    Hi all, it looks like there is no portmidi port available. Does any one know why FreeBSD does not support the library? Best regards, Alexei
  4. N

    FreeBSD MIDI/audio How-To

    An excellent HOW-TO record with MIDI and FreeBSD. http://poet.99k.org/software/software000001.html