1. RoGeorge

    Microsoft Pluton Processor inside any AMD/Intel/Qualcom processors from 2022

    Did any of you knew about this? Microsoft convinced PC processor designers to embed a Microsoft Security Processor core, Pluton, inside the hardware of any normal processor. Agreed in 2020, first models of AMD Ryzen 6000 laptops ready in 2022. Updates for Pluton core through Windows Update...
  2. chacoroot

    Install Microsoft SQL server into FreeBSD

    Hello, am migrating to freebsd, am tring to achieve install mssql server into freebsd, in debian there's a release to install it, but in bsd there'snt, even in the oficial documentation there isnt releases for BSD, investigating i found linuxulator, idk if this is posible, thanks in advance
  3. rigoletto@

    Just Microsoft being Microsoft.

    Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores. US customers wake up to sleepy cloud service. No comments needed. :cool:
  4. PacketMan

    The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History

    The now told story of: The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History Anyone involved in any form of ICT (Information Communications Technology) should read this article a few times, and think through all the nuggets of gold in this article. Freaken nightmare to say...
  5. W

    Microsoft Embrace, Extend, Extinguish FreeBSD?

    Slashdot article: Microsoft Has Created Its Own FreeBSD This is a comment I found on another forum. Interesting thought, IMO. From TFA . . . Redmond is not keeping its work on FreeBSD to itself: Anderson...