1. mecano

    freebsd-update to 11.2-RELEASE-p8, mergemaster out of sync, broken system

    Hello, I was updating jails with mergemaster -iFU after 11.2p8 update and run it on main host by inadvertance. I realized this when mergemaster output looked suspicious : *** The following files exist in /etc/rc.d but not in /var/tmp/temproot/etc/rc.d/: blacklistd iovctl ipfw_netflow ypldap...
  2. HL1234

    mergemaster testmodus needed or something else

    Hello, it comes to a new upgrade to FreeBSD 11.1. I have to use after install world, some tools like mergemaster to merge old against new system files. With mergemasterI had have every time much problems - may be I'm not so good in the editing of the files with the diffs-editors... So I'm...
  3. F

    etcupdate(8) vs mergemaster(8)

    Afternoon all, What's the difference between etcupdate and mergemaster? They seem to do very similar things... While most likely not supported, and therefore for 'play' and research purposes only, I'm interested in updating my /etc files from a release/snapshot tarball, but not really sure of...
  4. A

    Not a How-To: FreeBSD 11 from 0 to full build in less than 2.5 hours

    boring, and a sort of a lost momentum is there Some seminar to attend: Example again: I think there is slipup where "worrier" should have been warrior? Happens to me sometimes. 1. Do not exit install after finishing and answer yes to get to Shell. Once at the prompt type in ee...