memstick image

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    Solved Installing FreebSD on Raspberry PI 4 B

    I have looked at a number of pages that tell me how to dd the FreeBSD RPI image to a microSD card and boot that up with the Raspberry PI 4 B. That works perfectly well. However, I am not looking to run a preinstalled microSD image but to actually install FreeBSD (to an attached SSD drive)...
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    make memstick with ufs

    Do you anybody script how to create memstick for sdcard with UFS ? I have script only for create zfs memstick. Thank you
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    memstick image is not booting OS

    Hi All, I'm just trying FreeBSD for the 1st time. My initial impression is one of disappointment. I downloaded FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img.xz and unzipped it and successfully installed it on my USB Flash drive using the dd command. It appears to boot, initially, but after...