memory leak

  1. aquatic

    Memory issues while listening to music on using Falkon and Firefox

    Summary When listening to music on in, the system allocates more and more memory. If I do not close and reopen the tab after some hours, the memory runs full and the system gets slow and the unresponsive (Before edit, I wrote "system crashed" which was imprecise). This happens in...
  2. epopen

    Troubleshoot of "a thread waited too long to allocate a page"

    Hi All. I got a system problem since FreeBSD 13 as follows (Prior 12, I have no impression about the issue). Jan 30 11:22:47 test kernel: [116123] pid 50340 (mysqld), jid 1, uid 88, was killed: a thread waited too long to allocate a page Jan 30 11:22:47 test kernel: [116134] pid 32665...
  3. samTopaz

    Which Kernel Module Is Using All My Memory?

    After my system has been up for a few days it crashes. I can see before it crashes that basically all of my memory has been used. It's almost all used up as I type this. Looking at top I see that I have 26GB wired! Is there an easy way to find out which kernel module is using all of my memory...
  4. I

    bhyve bhyve memory leak

    I notice that there is substantial memory leak after using and shutting down a bhyve VM (in particular, I'm testing with OpenBSD guests). Starting from a freshly booted FreeBSD host (v.13), the Wired memory is about 500 MB, and after running the VM and ... - irregardless of setting the VM to...
  5. M

    Mbuf leak detection tool

    Hi All, Do you know of a tool to detect mbuf leaks which one could leverage in identifying mbuf leaks (with possible stack traces of allocs and frees) ? I understand we might be able to use the vmstat -z for possible statistics of the various mbuf zones, but it helps only to certain point.
  6. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    Process in "T" state - unkillable, but growing, what now?

    Hello! I'd like to ask for some help regarding a zombie (or something similar to a zombie) process. I have a process stuck in the T state, so it's terminated. It produced an error by reading malformed input data, but instead of handling it properly, it just got stuck somehow. It's parent is...