1. vijay

    IPoIB between FreeBSD and Linux using Mellanox CX-5

    Hi all. I am trying to get IPoIB working between FreeBSD (synced to 14.x) and a Linux host. I have enabled the following: options IPOIB_CM options SDP device mlx5 # Mellanox CX5/CX6 NIC device mlxfw # Mellanox Monolithic firmware update device...
  2. W

    mlx5en attempt to use SR-IOV results in kernel panic

    While trying to setup SR-IOV VFs on a Mellanox ConnectX-4 100G NIC I'm getting a kernel panic. I've run the appropriate commands to enable VFs and the desired quantity via the mellanox firmware tool, as documented in their user guide. Then I setup the /etc/iov/mce1.conf file to contain the...
  3. C

    ConnectX-2 (MHQH29C-XTR) in FreeBSD 11.2?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if the dual port connectx-2 would work in FreeBSD 11.2? If so, would it simply be plug in the NIC and use it or would I have to compile the driver. I have heard that the single port version works in FreeNAS without any tinkering (plug it in, set an IP, and use it)...
  4. D

    Mellanox ConnectX EN 10GigE

    Hello I saw in old threads that the Mellanox ConnectX 10GB PCIe card was supported... but when enabling those drivers trying to build a custom 11 kernel the build fails... Is this card no longer supported in FreeBSD 11.0 anymore? none3@pci0:9:0:0: class=0x020000 card=0x002115b3...