media server

  1. iyoti

    ZFS Help with tuning ZFS settings for large media files?

    Hey, I'm looking for help to make good use of the hardware I have on my media server, which stores lots of large files: primarily 4k video, but also lots of VM backup and OS images. This is a read-heavy system, so read throughput to the network is my main goal. Any hints you can give me on...
  2. iyoti

    ZFS Advice on configuring existing media server (ZFS)

    Hey all I've a media server with: 2 × 466GB NVMe drives for OS 12 × 5TB HDDs for storage 1 × 699GB SSD for "performance" (Crucial CT750MX300SSD1, which may be relevant for questions below) 32GB RAM 12-core CPU All are SATA drives. I have 2 zpools set up, the first in a mirror for OS which is...
  3. zc4r

    FreeBSD as media server for Playstation 4

    Hi Does anyone have experience in setting up FreeBSD to use as a media server for the Playstation 4? Thanks