1. sidetone

    What is Zeroconf?

    Zeroconf (Zero Configuration) simplifies network configuration. It takes care of IP allocation for network devices so the user doesn't have to set this up manually. Zeroconf can be used even when DHCP isn't working correctly. With manual set up or with DHCP, two network devices can inadvertently...
  2. beans10001

    How to install and configure mDNSResponder

    Wasn't able to find much info on configuring mDNSResponder. Most posts talk about using Avahi or Netatalk. I was using Avahi on FreeBSD 11 and recently clean installed FreeBSD 12-Release and read somewhere that mDNSResponder is more lightweight (but don't quote me on that :p). Anyhow, I was...
  3. P

    mDNSResponder Issue with two network interfaces

    I do have two network interfaces on my server ( one for "public" and one as "admin" network only ). The setup worked fine with net/mDNSResponder and net/netatalk3 . I configured the two networks in /usr/local/etc/afp.conf by restricting the netatalk to listen and response only to the public...