1. sidetone

    Other Alt key stops working with mouse in MCWM (libXCB WM)

    My Alt keys as modify keys stop working with my mouse in MCWM for needed functions for moving and resizing windows. This isn't an issue with the Win key and the mouse. Restarting my window manager fixes this problem, however, I wish this step weren't necessary. The Alt key still works with...
  2. sidetone

    libXCB (X C Binding library)

    XCB (X-protocol C-language binding) was intended to fully replace Xlib for X11: so far, XCB has gradually replaced some parts of it. Its purpose was to be more efficient and to be easier to program. X11 is a protocol. Xlib and XCB are both API's and library sets. Xlib (also called libX11) is...
  3. M

    mcwm - another take on minimalisms Quite usable also. Depends on xcb, smaller memory footprint than dwm.