1. janprzy

    Solved send failed: No buffer space available

    My NAS is running FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p9. I rebooted it a couple of days ago and suddenly, the network keeps crashing if certain services are running: When starting Unbound or Avahi, all outgoing and incoming connections immediately fail. I just tried starting Unbound while leaving a ping to...
  2. PKraszewski

    Usage of M_PREPEND() function in netgraph processing

    Hello! I'm in the process of writing a netgraph node specific to my project, sitting between ethernet node on the left and bunch of udp/sctp nodes on the right (sorta really crippled L2 VPN without encryption). It has "local" and set of peer0..peer15 hooks. The job of the node with flow...
  3. M

    Mbuf leak detection tool

    Hi All, Do you know of a tool to detect mbuf leaks which one could leverage in identifying mbuf leaks (with possible stack traces of allocs and frees) ? I understand we might be able to use the vmstat -z for possible statistics of the various mbuf zones, but it helps only to certain point.