1. indomitableMoron

    pkg-static Handbook vs. man page

    Reading through the Handbook, specifically, there is a reference to `pkg-static upgrade -f` as being a necessary step after switching major versions. I typically like to know what switches that I'm throwing at the box do, so I checked `man pkg-static` to discover there is no mention of...
  2. grahamperrin

    Manual pages online: RFD – share your thoughts on changes to design

    Hint The first two or three posts here might be mind-bending. Post #10 puts things in context. beadm FreeBSD bug 254466 – sysutils/beadm-devel section (1) and sysutils/beadm section (8) for the two manual pages for beadm; consequences closed works as intended – Wolfram Schneider's...