1. J

    C How to use kevent; confused by manpage

    I recently got into using kevent. Reading the manpage (as of FreeBSD 14.0), I'm left with a lot of questions and I didn't find better documentation yet. In particular, the following questions remain unclear to me: What is the purpose of EV_ENABLE and EV_DISABLE (in contrast to deleting an...
  2. grahamperrin

    Manual pages online: RFD – share your thoughts on changes to design

    Hint The first two or three posts here might be mind-bending. Post #10 puts things in context. beadm FreeBSD bug 254466 – sysutils/beadm-devel section (1) and sysutils/beadm section (8) for the two manual pages for beadm; consequences closed works as intended – Wolfram Schneider's...
  3. A

    Solved Offline

    Is there a way to have a full clone of on a PC? * Offline -- Setting up some type of local CGI server, to execute queries and read the result on a local browser. * Complete -- With all its set of man pages, represented on <select name="manpath">...
  4. CiotBSD

    Firefox Addon Search Manpage FreeBSD

    Hi. Just FYI: My Firefox's addon to search a man page into official FreeBSD manual page server approved! - Source code :