1. bobmc

    Can Blackhat Hackers Be Stopped

    Stories about ransomware and malware corruption seem to be on the increase. They attack those who can least afford to restore from backup such as the Colonial Pipeline and hospitals. Colonial paid 4.4 million. There is a story in Wired about a theft of RSA SecureID seeds from an air-gapped...
  2. B

    Auto installation of a web browser without permission

    I have afraid of got a virus or so. I have two web browsers: firefox and konqueror. I don't know why the hell, when I tried to launch konqueror, it shows me a message that I can't run Chromium as root. I never installed chromium. I never uninstalled Konqueror. When I try to reinstall konqueror...
  3. Maelstorm

    PE Executable Debugger/Disassembler (i386/amd64)?

    I am looking for a debugger or disassembler for Windows PE format executables, something similar to objdump. I'm taking a class in computer forensics and the research project that my team is working on is reverse engineering malware. We have the malware (it's not hard to find). For obvious...