1. V

    Hardened malloc() for FreeBSD

    Is there a security oriented memory allocator for FreeBSD like GrapheneOS/Linux's Hardened_malloc library or OpenBSD's Otto-malloc where you can enable additional checks? I'd like to do additional hardening on some of...
  2. J

    contigmalloc and contigfree issue

    Hi, I am currently developing a driver, which uses quite large (2M+) contiguous memory chunks allocations via contigmalloc. I have noticed that contigmalloc as well as contigfree take a lot of time when dealing with large memory chunks and also a rather significant difference in number of...
  3. J

    calling kernel space malloc get error

    ###Here is the errors I am getting. Below the error is the code I wrote, any help would be incredibly appreciated.!! Thanks! Can someone explained by I am getting implicit warning for malloc and Malloc_Define, I included the header files. I also would like to know how to fix the errors ...
  4. A

    Can malloc(9) return small chunks that cross a page boundary?

    From malloc(9): IMPLEMENTATION NOTES The memory allocator allocates memory in chunks that have size a power of two for requests up to the size of a page of memory. For larger requests, one or more pages is allocated. While it should not be relied upon, this information may...
  5. DavidMarec

    sys/malloc and WAIT_OK option

    While investigating about a freeze when loading pf, 209475, Olivier has suspected the hash table allocation to be responsible of the loading freeze. Reading the code, I noticed that the allocation process within pf_initialize() function sets the M_WAITOK flag. This way, the intialisation...