make installkernel

  1. GoNeFast_01

    Compiling Kernel Debugging and Know-Hows.

    I was having the known problem with Text Console using CTRL + ALT + F1-F8 bug of tearing / square pixelated screens. I am currently still trying/testing with some options in /boot/loader.conf file to see if I can fix this issue of the tearing with Nvidia drivers 510.60.2. Similar to...
  2. HL1234

    Installing new kernel FreeBSD 11.0 runs into a mountroot>

    Hello, after make installkernel I got a lot of messages "kldxref: unknown metadata record 4 in file". But I have ignored that. Then I do like it was described in the handbook: shutdown now mount -u / mount -a -t ufs swapon -a cp -Rpv /etc /home/etc-170128 mergemaster -p but it has merged...