make buildkernel

  1. GoNeFast_01

    Compiling Kernel Debugging and Know-Hows.

    I was having the known problem with Text Console using CTRL + ALT + F1-F8 bug of tearing / square pixelated screens. I am currently still trying/testing with some options in /boot/loader.conf file to see if I can fix this issue of the tearing with Nvidia drivers 510.60.2. Similar to...
  2. mathcrimes

    Annoying + persistent failure to compile 14-CURRENT

    Hello, I feel pretty silly having to post this + I guess there are some things I still could try towards resolving this... but, I find it odd that I can't find any other reference to this error anywhere. During the make buildkernel stage of compiling 14-CURRENT, I keep getting this error...
  3. D

    cc: error: unknown argument: '-fformat-extensions' while buildkernel

    Hello, I have this error and the process stopped while build a custom kernel, does anyone knows what is going wrong? I am using FreeBSD 13.0
  4. O

    Updating 2 machines from the same cloned source leads to 2 differing shasums?

    We have 2 machines on the same LAN that I installed FreeBSD on using the 13.0 Release iso I then followed the quickstart example in hanbook section 24.5.1, in order to update both machines from source. After doing so I...
  5. HL1234

    Generell question about freebsd-update

    Sorry, if this is a tedious question but I can not find an answer. Assuming that I, or anyone, have upgrade FreeBSD with his own kernel settings (not GENERIC) by compiling it. Also, I or anyone, has been build the Userland with make buildworld with own settings in /etc/src.conf. After all is...
  6. m4r1n

    Solved `make buildworld` does not build base llvm on FreeBSDDesktop/freebsd-base-graphics

    Hi, I'm in the process of testing the drm-next-4.7 branch from the FreeBSDDesktop github repository on several computers. As I want to avoid building world on every machine, I decided to set up a dedicated build machine running FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE. The plan was to build world, kernel and some...
  7. HL1234

    src.conf seems not to bee working - where is my mistake?

    Hello, I have tested both methods to install a kernel again. I have copied my before created and saved 10.3 kernel to /boot/kernel, which was acutal a 11.0 kernel. Then, first, I do a freebsd-update in expectation to get a full standard kernel with debug symbols - because for 11.0 it is written...