1. cbunn

    NFS issues with macOS clients

    I've been running a FreeBSD NAS for a long time now with ZFS filesystems shared via NFS. In the past, macOS had no issues connecting, though the default when using Finder was NFSv3. Good enough for me. But I've recently upgraded from Mojave (10.14) to Ventura (13.2) and have been having trouble...
  2. I

    Moving files to/from macOS to FreeBSD using USB flash disk

    I need to use a USB flash disk to move files to/from macOS to FreeBSD. What is the best or recommended common filesystem between the two operating systems? Should I first format the USD disk using macOS Disk Utility? What filesystem (APFS, FAT, exFAT, etc. should I choose)? Or, should I format...
  3. focaccio

    Unix and Linux - Network Subsystems

    Hi All, I'm a network engineer looking to better understand the network subsystem of FreeBSD (unix systems) and in particular how it differs from the linux kernel network subsystem. Any good links or books? I believe iproute2 (this is a package, not a subsystem, right?) is used by linux, so...