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  1. D

    Installing FreeBSD amd64 on MacBook Pro 13,3 stalls at Installer

    MacBook Pro: On macOS Big Sur 11. The approach is to completely install freeBSD on top of the native hardware destroying the existing OS. Processor: 2.6 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB HardDisk: 250 GB Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB Hello, I've been trying to install...
  2. K

    configuring wifi and network drivers for 13.0 on a macbook

    I recently installed FreeBSD 13.0 BETA2 on a macbook pro of 2015. I faced an issue in the installation process, where I couldnt configure the IPV4 because there were no configurations for this interface. I have been following the handbook but it seems that I do not completely understand it...
  3. K

    Porting freeBSD to macbook pro 2015

    Hello all, I am a new user to FreeBSD and I decided that I wanted to move from MacOS to FreeBSD. I am currently using a Macbook pro from 2015 and I want to do the transition from MacOS to FreeBSD for both privacy reasons and familiarize with another operating system. I am currently studying...
  4. soongrazer

    Trying to write keyboard SPI drivers for MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) MacBookPro14,3

    I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) and I want to run FreeBSD on it natively. But the built-in keyboard, trackpad and Touch Bar do not work. External keyboards and mice attached via USB work. So I want to write a driver for the keyboard first; I will write the drivers for the rest afterwards...
  5. wardbones

    Embarrassing Question About Xorg

    Years ago, when we had to tool our xorg.conf for pretty much any install, things were different and now xorg seems to configure itself quite well provided you have the right driver. However, I'm on a MacBook Pro 8,1 with a touchpad and the the default setting for the touchpad only allow single...
  6. wardbones

    Broadcom 4331 Wifi, ndis crashes the kernel

    Hello, friends. I followed the directions in the FreeBSD Handbook and everything went really well. I made a mistake the first time and made a 32 bit module but I loaded it and unloaded, no problem, didn't show ndis0 under ifconfig but when I made the 64-Bit module, as soon as I kldload the...
  7. christopherdumas

    FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (15", 2017)

    Hi everyone! This will be my first post on the FreeBSD forum (and, in fact, any forum anywhere). I've used Linux (mostly Debian and later Arch Linux) for most of my life on the computer, but for the last two years or so I've been using a Mac. I've become increasingly unhappy with the attitude of...
  8. QdK

    Solved FreeBSD on MacBook Pro (with iGPU, brightness & suspend/resume!)

    For those who want to run FreeBSD on a MacBook Pro, here're some tips to enable the iGPU, screen brightness and get suspend/resume working. Specifically, the Late 2011 model works when following this guide. However, this solution will probably work for a number of MBP models. YMMV. Both the...