mac osx

  1. B

    Cross-compile on FreeBSD PPC64 for OSX PPC(64)?

    If anyone has a practical experience, please advise me. I am a Mac user for past 20 years, and at the moment I am trying to build some modern open-source software to run on my G5 Quad under 10.6 PPC. Most of it does build (I use Macports for that). However some fail, including software that I...
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Other Mounting a nfs share from Mac osx on Freebsd

    You would think sharing files from Mac osx to Freebsd would be easy, just open the Mac osx system preferences sharing section and click the checkbox next to file sharing Unfortunately the sharing protocols are afp or smb. Im not sure if netatalk still works with afp, and mount_smbfs on Freebsd...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    zfs on Freebsd, Linux and Mac any tips

    My Synology ds112j nas which i used to share files between Freebsd, Linux and Mac osx just died on me I have a 2 terabyte backup of the nas on an external drive which is formatted as Linux ext4 which is the filesystem used by the synology nas So i need to copy the backup to an external usb...
  4. OldSubSailor

    Can Mac OS X be removed and completely replaced by freeBSD

    I hope this is not a continuation of the Booting FreeBSD on iMac posting. I have an old iMac that barely survived flooding in my house during hurricane Harvey. It did sit and stew in a hot, wet environment for 9 days, so I do not know how long it will continue to run. What I would like to do...