mac address

  1. codetrotter

    Solved vnet MAC address when using jails - how to avoid leaking?

    Hi, I am using jails with vnet on FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE Host /etc/rc.conf looks like: hostname="de1" ifconfig_em0_name="extif" ifconfig_extif="DHCP" ifconfig_extif_ipv6="inet6 2a01:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::2 prefixlen 64" ipv6_defaultrouter="fe80::1%extif" ipv6_gateway_enable="YES"...
  2. Sivan!

    What do I to have more than one IP address in my computer?

    While trying to understand if it is possible for me to have more than one IP address in my computer (I don't even have one that is static at the moment), I found the discussions on this thread which seems to say: 1. Does this mean that it is possible to have multiple IP addresses mapped to a...
  3. Y

    IPFW How to match MAC address

    I am trying to do a simple test of matching mac coming from a machine connected to re0 and allowing it. I don't care if i'm able to actually use the packet, all I want is the rule number to show up in in /var/log/security so I know something is matching. The ipfw command I'm using is ipfw add 10...
  4. G

    Solved tap0 device always comes up with same MAC address

    Hello, Got the issue here, I have 2 VMs and I'm trying to connect them with TINC VPN. TINC uses if_dap driver and tap virtual interface. So far so good. However for some reason (may be because both systems are vmware cloned VMs) whenever I create a tap interface on any of the systems it's...