1. E

    ZFS Troubleshooting Steps for Storage: Request Queue Overflow

    Ran into some issues going from FreeBSD 9 Stable to 10 (FreeNAS 9.10) with a Qlogic's 2532. Looks like the HBA is work fine but the LUN disappeared from the ESX's system after the upgrade. After trying to rescanned the data store got a error message at the console of the NAS...
  2. vermaden

    Other LSBLK(8) Command for FreeBSD

    Hi, as we all know there is no single command to show storage devices on FreeBSD system. Some grep the dmesg command, some check /var/run/dmesg.boot file, some try camcontrol command and so on ... as I struggle to create any empathy for Linux systems I really like the lsblk command and I always...