1. X

    New bootloader in FreeBSD...

  2. R

    Cannot install FreeBSD on a Pentium 3 processor.

    Hi, I'm having some trouble trying to install FreeBSD on my Pentium 3. I burned a disk with the FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso, and when I try to install it on the Pentium 3 PC I get this error: lua error cannot open /boot/lua/load.lua no such file or directory. So at first I thought maybe...
  3. Phishfry

    Lua bootloader replacing forth

    Well not to cause aflame war but what are everyone's thoughts? Forth versus Lua. I am researching an old 1984 Byte magazine and I notice whole article about forth, So it is an old-timer. But to technical specifics, Isn't forth an interpreted language, not compiled, similar to Lisp. Not binary...
  4. dinsdale

    Lua53 package - No Shared Library Support?

    Hi there, I just created a little vm and installed the latest lua53 from pkgng. I am unable to use a c Shared Object with my lua app and I get the following error: dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation My understanding of this (I believe I corrected it once before)...