1. J

    LTO disabled by default

    Hey guys, Browsing through some ports, I noticed that most (at least all of the ports I checked) have LTO disabled by default. I would like to understand the reasoning behind LTO being disabled by default for building ports. Would it be as simple as keeping linking times down or are we trying...
  2. N

    Other can't enable LTO hardware encryption

    Does anyone have tape drive hardware encryption working on freebsd? I have an HP LTO-5 tape drive. Unencrypted read/writes and toggling compression with mt works, but enabling encryption doesn't. I compiled stenc, which does have ifdef's for freebsd sg, but no matter what I try I get either an...
  3. D

    HP Smart Array P212 not recognizing SAS LTO drive

    Hi fellow FreeBSDers, I am trying to use an external LTO-4 tape drive, connected to a HP Smart Array P212 HBA via external SAS cable. HBA bios initialization is showing a detected drive without any issues. I can see the drive when using Windows, run diagnostics via Quantum software, etc...
  4. giorgiov

    External LTO drive

    Hi all, I’m trying to gather some data for an external (SCSI seems the best choice) LTO tape drive to be used with a workgroup server. The storage size requirements are about 5TB. I have already investigated cloud-based solutions like Tarsnap and I’m a bit perplexed about the cost / benefit...