1. Cath O'Deray

    ZFS OpenZFS L2ARC on a budget

    In April last year, I began using low-end flash (USB thumb drives) as L2ARC for a notebook with 16 GB memory. Very pleasing. Yesterday, I got an older notebook with 4 GB memory. An opportunity to tell whether a similar approach will be worthwhile. Early observations, with the cache device...
  2. lifepillar

    Suggestions for low-end home server in 2021

    Hi FreeBSD gurus, for more than a year now I have been experimenting at home with a headless FreeBSD 12 server running in VirtualBox on an iMac 2011 (!). The VM is configured with a mirrored UFS disk and 6 GB RAM. So far, it has served me well (!), resilvering correctly after several improper...