1. SoBe

    Core Dumps

    PR_SET_DUMPABLE ? Hello fellow FreeBSD community members, can you please help? Where can we set up application based core file dumps? I can get crash data for system crashes however applications when they do segmentation faults are not generating a crash file anywhere. This I have learned is OS...
  2. A

    Tracking memory spikes causing process issues

    Hi, I'm running on FreeBSD 12.2 running a group of python processes under supervisor. We have now twice run into an issue where processes have been caused to enter either T or I status causing access to them to be no longer possible. In both circumstances, kill commands to the processes were...
  3. Nyakov

    Solved Samba server spamming logs

    Hi. I have very simple setup. One windows PC and one FreeBSD server with samba share. I don't need anything regarding windows network management, printing, netbios etc. Only one share. There is my smb4.conf: [global] server string = My Samba Server netbios name = my-samba workgroup = MYHOME...