1. Rob215x

    Solved Locked out of console, cannot reset in single user mode

    I'm running FreeBSD 11.4. Looks like I made a rookie mistake... I was reading chapter 7 in Absolute FreeBSD by Michael Lucas and I tried a couple of the examples for /etc/login.access My rules: +:wheel:console +:wheel:192.168.0. -:ALL:ALL And it works... kinda. I CAN log in from another...
  2. C

    Problem with login.access

    Good afternoon, I was playing around with login.access. I want to allow a specific machine on the network to be able to connect. The computer's name is cp9043 and the ip address is It doesn't work when I use: +:ALL:192.168.1. +:wheel:console ttyv0 -:ALL:ALL or: +:ALL: