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  1. dbdemon

    Solved Build base from source without building clang and llvm?

    Building llvm and clang takes a long time. I see there is a WITHOUT_CLANG option mentioned in src.conf: WITHOUT_CLANG Do not build the Clang C/C++ compiler during the regular phase of the build. When set, it enforces these options...
  2. First_Law_of_Unix

    C Solved - How to use or set Clang/LLVM/GCC compilers on VS Code?

    I couldn't find anything on google on how to configure VS code on FreeBSD to use clang/llvm/gcc. I have clang/llvm and gcc installed on FreeBSD 13.1 I have installed this extension: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Kr4is.cpptools-extension-pack Which installs the following...
  3. int0x50

    C find out list of C functions supported in FreeBSD

    is there a page or way to list out all the C functions (supported in FreeBSD) that are available? that are classified based on graphics, file i/o, system calls, networking; etc. for example, if i want to code in networking part, i may not know that some functions are available, but going...
  4. malavon

    Other Dump source code during execution like a debugger or more or less like a coverage tool

    Background I have this little problem: I'm currently implementing pci listing in a port (Unreal Engine for those who've seen me before on this forum) and I want to use some of the code from pciconf. What I'm looking for Now it would be very handy if there were a utility I could call that would...
  5. goshanecr

    Is is correct to have many devel/llvm versions installed?

    Hi friends! When installs from scratch new system with llvm 6.0.1 in base, many ports installs other (older) versions of llvm. Is it needed or it is a rudiments in that ports?
  6. epopen

    Solved Build specific target architecture code when clang build in build world

    Hi All. I update and build world in my machine(x86 PC) and very long time now. It spend most of time in clang build. And I saw build unused(other) target architecture. I never cross-compile. So can build one/more specific architecture( x86 in the case) relate code ONLY? Thanks all very much.
  7. L

    LLVM upgrade

    Hi All! I am new here. I need advice. How can I set clang-3.9 (3.9.1 from pkg) as default cc instead 3.8.0 in 11-RELEASE ?