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    hello on my server clang 11.0.1 version is installed but my project is compiled with clang14, when I write the command " pkg install clang14 " I get an error like clang14 not found. please help me solve this problem, thank you.
  2. dbdemon

    Solved Build base from source without building clang and llvm?

    Building llvm and clang takes a long time. I see there is a WITHOUT_CLANG option mentioned in src.conf: WITHOUT_CLANG Do not build the Clang C/C++ compiler during the regular phase of the build. When set, it enforces these options...
  3. First_Law_of_Unix

    C Solved - How to use or set Clang/LLVM/GCC compilers on VS Code?

    I couldn't find anything on google on how to configure VS code on FreeBSD to use clang/llvm/gcc. I have clang/llvm and gcc installed on FreeBSD 13.1 I have installed this extension: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Kr4is.cpptools-extension-pack Which installs the following...
  4. int0x50

    C find out list of C functions supported in FreeBSD

    is there a page or way to list out all the C functions (supported in FreeBSD) that are available? that are classified based on graphics, file i/o, system calls, networking; etc. for example, if i want to code in networking part, i may not know that some functions are available, but going...
  5. malavon

    Other Dump source code during execution like a debugger or more or less like a coverage tool

    Background I have this little problem: I'm currently implementing pci listing in a port (Unreal Engine for those who've seen me before on this forum) and I want to use some of the code from pciconf. What I'm looking for Now it would be very handy if there were a utility I could call that would...
  6. goshanecr

    Is is correct to have many devel/llvm versions installed?

    Hi friends! When installs from scratch new system with llvm 6.0.1 in base, many ports installs other (older) versions of llvm. Is it needed or it is a rudiments in that ports?
  7. epopen

    Solved Build specific target architecture code when clang build in build world

    Hi All. I update and build world in my machine(x86 PC) and very long time now. It spend most of time in clang build. And I saw build unused(other) target architecture. I never cross-compile. So can build one/more specific architecture( x86 in the case) relate code ONLY? Thanks all very much.
  8. L

    LLVM upgrade

    Hi All! I am new here. I need advice. How can I set clang-3.9 (3.9.1 from pkg) as default cc instead 3.8.0 in 11-RELEASE ?