1. jjsingh

    Mounting hard drives(NTFS)/USB storages(FAT32 or exFAT), etc on FreeBSD 12.2

    Hi Everyone, I'm coming from the LINUX to try FreeBSD. I downloaded and created bootable USB stick of FreeBSD 12.2 DVD ISO and booted into FreeBSD as a livefs. I've wanted to store the output of below cmds to check hardware compatibility of my device. # mount -u -o rw / # dmesg >...
  2. vlig

    Encrypted ZFS and liveUSB

    Hello! I have a laptop with FreeBSD on encrypted ZFS. When I try to load with FreeBSD USB stick I always asked for geli passphrase. What is the strange behavior?? It is boot USB drive, isn't it? And if I wish to make a clean FreeBSD install? Tried with nomadBSD - all the same, tried with Arch...